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Trendy Trades Consignment

*New This Sale: Monogramming Onsite!

Cash or Check Only Please

(*1/2 Price is on Sun 03-04-18 thru Wed 03/07/18.  All  items will be sold at 1/2 price if NOT marked or circled in RED!)

Public Sale Dates

     Tuesday      2/27/2018    10-7pm
Wednesday    2/28/2018       10-7pm
Thursday       3/01/2018      10-7pm
Friday          3/02/2018       10-7pm
Saturday      3/03/2018       10-6pm

Participant Sale Dates

Monday    2/26/2018       6-9pm
Sunday     3/04/2018        12-6pm
(* Consignors shop 1 hour earlier on Sunday 1/2 price day!)

2018  Spring Sale  Schedule

 Boutique for a Week

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Early Receiving Dates

Call 318 272-0349
to setup a date and time

Boutique For a Week

Pick Up Date

Friday    3/15/2018      10-6pm
(* All items will be DONATED if not picked up on this date!  Early pick-ups must be scheduled with Angel)

Receiving Dates

Monday        2/19/2018       10-4pm
Tuesday        2/20/2018       10-4pm
Wednesday  2/21/2018        10-4pm
Thursday      2/22/2018       10-4pm
Friday         2/23/2018        10-4pm
Saturday    2/24/2018           1-6pm

...Especially when it comes to the latest Styles, Fashion and Décor!